Workout 3x Weekly

With other guys just like you for less than your gas station stops. $6 per class is a steal!
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Mon. & Wed. 

6:30 pm

Sat. 8 am

Located at Sellersburg Soul Fitt.

Only $6 per class. 

Need that extra push?

This is designed for the dad or dude who needs some accountability. Maybe years ago you enjoyed working out, but then life got busy. A group environment helps keep the momentum going. 

We get it. We are dads. We are husbands. We are men. We are workers. We are busy. It's hard to prioritize fitness, but not as hard when we do it together in a fun environment.

At Soul Fitt, you will find a community of men just like you who will encourage you to keep walking toward a healthier lifestyle. 

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Boot Camp classes will be held at our Soul Fitt Sellersburg located at 11515 US 31, Sellersburg, IN 47126 formally known as the Rock Creek School building behind Kingdom Life Church.

Class times will be Monday & Wednesday evenings 6:30 - 7:15 pm and Saturday mornings at 8:00 am for a total of 3 workouts weekly.

This class is intended for all guys at all levels. At Soul Fitt we are about building community while motivating each other to get physically healthy along the way. 

Grab your spot now and begin your fitness journey. The first step is to start. 

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Meet Your Group Lead

Lucas Hostettler, a former United States Navy Corpsman has been through his fair share of boot camp and mandatory group workouts. While the military forced discipline upon him to maintain physically fitness, there was something to be said about the comradery of a group workout. The brotherhood, the relationships, and the motivation of others expecting you to show up went a long way.

We believe the same is true whether in the military or not. We were created for relationships. We need each other. But it's much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle before life gets busy and full of work deadlines, small little children needing our attention, and the honey do list. That's why our Men's Boot Camp was created. 

Now Is Your Time

We fully understand just how busy life is, but we cannot keep putting our physical health on the back burner. It is our job as parents to be examples to our children and part of that includes teaching them a healthy lifestyle. 

After getting out of the military, losing that group accountability, opening up his own business, and having children, Lucas eventually just stopped making time for his health. Life was just too busy. But this lifestyle can only last for so long until a change has to be made. 

This is your sign. Now is your time to stop putting your own health aside. Will you commit to you? Will you join Lucas in getting back into the habit of a disciplined lifestyle? We promise only growth will come from this. Sign up now. Take that first step toward a healthier you.