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This Quarter's Topic: Gaining Confidence









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Lesson 1

What God Says About Mastering Our Mind

Lesson 2

The Power of Purging

Lesson 3

Prioritizing Time

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Lesson 4

Overcoming Obstacles

Lesson 5

Your Dream Self

Lesson 6

90 Day Success Plan

Lesson 7

Overcoming Negativity

Lesson 8

Fixed On Jesus

Lesson 9

Rise Up

Lesson 10

Top 6 Battles Of The Mind


“This study has helped me get into God’s word and find a like minded community immensely. Our leader is wise beyond her years. I love this experience. You will not regret this investment in your life.” Jamie


“Soul Fitt has changed my life!! Not only has it connected me with some great friends, it has, most importantly, helped me grow my relationship with God. It has given me a new out look on life, given me hope and has even helped me dream again. When I came to Soul Fitt, I had exhausted everything else, looking for life without depression and a long list of other things holding me back from living my life with happiness. Ever since Soul Fitt has become apart of my life, I have been happier, more positive, I have hope, I am able to dream again, I know my life has a purpose, and while life changes don't happen over night, it gives me the support I need to continue on the journey of becoming who I want to be!! Soul Fitt is the best investment I have ever made!!” Angela


“I joined Soul Fitt Mastering Mindset training to get on track and re-connected to God. The way Erica breaks down the trainings and understands the Bible makes it so helpful and amazing. I’m learning a lot and really changing the way I see myself through God's eyes.” Jodie

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Yes, I'm Ready To Rise Up!

After over a decade in the fitness industry...

I Discovered The Key To It All 

For years I coached hundreds of women trying to help them get physically healthy. I would get SO frustrated because I felt like I never had the long term solution for them. I would see so many of my clients lose the weight, just to put it back on a few months later. Can you relate?

Hi! My name is Erica and I am the founder of Soul Fitt. Soul Fitt was created in 2015 as a fitness and dance studio focused on helping women not only get healthy physically, but also spiritually.

After literally hundreds of 1-on-1 appointments where I would sit down with my client to hear her goals before working with her, I finally discovered the one thing that was holding her back. Not only holding her back from her physical goals, but also from the life of abundance God had created her for. 

I would intentently listen and hear her heart. I would hear how her marriage was struggling, how her finances were a wreck, how she didn't feel any self-confidence, how her children were lost. I would watch the tears roll down her check. She would be in shock, because she thought she came in for a fitness assessment. But what she didn't realize was her fitness wasn't working because her mind was struggling. 

You see, our mindset affects EVERY SINGLE AREA of our lives. EVERY AREA. If our minds are not in the right place, we are going to stay on the struggle bus. We have to learn how much power our minds hold and how to conquer that battle. The number one way: by fixing our mind on Jesus continually.

In my FREE Mastering Mindset training, I teach you exactly how to take back control of your mind so that you can take back control of your life.

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