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My Cup Runneth Empty

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2020

Has life ever left you feeling completely drained? The busyness, chaos, and stress of living in this world can sometimes make us feel like our cups are completely empty. Often times (especially as women) we pour into everyone else. We try to take care of everyone else. We do this for so long, constantly putting ourselves aside, sometimes to the point of complete exhaustion. 

Today, that is how I feel.
Today, my cup runneth empty.

In a role like mine, encouragement for others is needed.  Not only is it needed, it is a necessity to stay in business. As a fitness studio owner, my job is to motivate others daily. Nobody wants to take a fitness class that isn't motivating.
As a mom, your role may be to care for little babies daily.
As a career person, your role may be to lead others daily.
As a wife, your role may be to uplift your husband daily.

But let me ask you this:
As owner of your own personal health, body, and soul, what is your role daily?
We take on all these responsibilities...

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Tears Into The Pillow

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2020

Ladies, this post is for all those tears you cry in your bedroom when nobody else sees. This is for every single lady out there that has ever felt alone. Read on. I have an amazing truth for you. 

For the single lady, watching all her friends take the next step, crying at night praying God will send the right guy. He sees you. Keep waiting. He’s preparing the perfect person that will be well worth waiting for. 

For the married woman, who never knew just how lonely marriage could feel until now. Who cries into her pillow at night just wondering if her husband will ever understand. God sees you. He wants you to know that only He can satisfy. Your husband is human. If you wait for him to fulfill you, you will be waiting for a long time. 

For the new momma with toddlers running every where, feeling like nobody understands the chaos of your life, feeling like you can’t take two minutes to even use the bathroom alone, feeling like not for another second can you...

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